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Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit
William Griswold (Somerville, US)

Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit

Rigid Linkers for Nanoleaf Light Panels (9pcs)
Brennan Kinney (Morgantown, US)

Does these work for the nano leaf canvas ?

Nanoleaf Pillow
Collin Scott
They are super soft!

I absolutely love these pillows. They’re so soft and so adorable. Glad I can support an awesome brand like Nanoleaf!

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Smarter Kit
Patrick Briley (Vista, US)
Dark corners.

I had a dark corner in my room where my computer was set up and these things are exactly what I needed to brighten things up. With the various programming options I also have it wake me gently every morning before work.

Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes
Sotiris Kaniras (Athens, GR)

It literally made my Bedroom a lot nicer!!! Amazing lights and support!!!

Nanoleaf Elements Smarter Kit (7PK)
Karl Couture (Ottawa, CA)
Love it!

•Easy to install
•Wonderful look and feel
•Decently sized

•Phone app works intermittently

The biggestest hassle I had was determining how many hexagons I required for the project I had in mind. Ordering was easy and straightforward and the turn around time for the delivery was decent. It was a fairly large order, so there was a slight delay but nothing unexpected.

Installing the product was a breeze and I love the way that they just snap together with the connectors. The power connector being mobile was nice as it allowed me to figure out the best place to connected it while minimizing how much it would stand out.

Overall, I've had the product for a month and I'm very pleased with my decision and the overall experience. The application does have intermittent issues but hasn't affected the use of the product. With the control piece, I can still turn the product on and scroll through the different options available to me.

Great customer service

Nanoleaf has to be one of the best companies have ever dealt with as after 4 years of having there great lights I had an issue of my doing and these guys were willing and able to help me in no time flat there connector was just what was need they told me the problem and sent them along right away. Great service

Nanoleaf Shapes | Expansion Packs
Rob Taylor (Birmingham, GB)
Ever expanding

These lights are amazing I just have to keep buying them

Flex Linkers for Nanoleaf Canvas
Patric (Las Vegas, US)
Must Have!

Give more dimensional to the Canvas!

Light love

I love these light I use them and play around with them almost every week, I’m always playing with different layouts, space saver from hell when it comes to lighting as well

Nanoleaf Essentials | Lightstrips Extension
Shane Riordan (New York, US)
Thread strip!

Fastest light strip with a HomePod mini

Nanoleaf Essentials | Bulbs 3-PK
Ian Wood (Lewisburg, US)
Just what I wanted!

Quick delivery and product as described. I'm looking forward to really integrating into my Homekit setup!

Replacement Panel for Nanoleaf Shapes
Markus Steffens (Dortmund, DE)

Danke für den Austausch der defekten Hexagons.

Very nice product!

Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes
Yury Kononov (Hayward, US)

Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes

Elements Hexagon Lights

Absolutely love these, they’ve made the new apartment feel like more of a home. Great way to set the mood for a bunch of different situations

Nanoleaf Rhythm (Upgrade Module)
Johnson Huynh (Wichita, US)

Really good product

Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes
Georgios Ampatzidis (Thessaloniki, GR)

very good product!!!!

Power Supply for Nanoleaf Shapes
Georgios Ampatzidis (Thessaloniki, GR)

very good product!!!

Nanoleaf Shapes | Triangle Starter Kit
Shehzadi Jan (Southampton, GB)
Absolutely stunning

I don’t think words can describe how beautiful this light display looks. I bought a set for my room, the kids loved it so much end up buying two more sets for their rooms. It’s an eye catcher, and you never have enough or get bored as there’s always a new colour combination to try out. Thinking of buying some for my living room now as I love these so much.

Replacement Panel for Nanoleaf Shapes
Shehzadi Jan (Southampton, GB)
Amazing service

Was a replacement for a defective triangle. Quick and fast solution with a new replacement sent swiftly. The replacement piece connected to the rest of the set up perfectly.

Nanoleaf Essentials | Bulbs 3-PK
Nate (West Kelowna, CA)
Great smart bulbs

The main reason I chose Nanoleaf was because of their use of the Thread protocol—and it has delivered as promised! Super fast response time, and no connectivity issues. Works great with HomePod and Siri.

Nanoleaf Canvas

Awesome product. Love it

Simply love it!!

Now its the best feature in my Nephew's (teen-boy) room. The quality of the product is incredible, and love the modularizing features in the app to change the colors and the music sync option is great. Simple to install, clean seems, and smooth edges makes it look classy!! Absolutely a priced possession, but makes a brilliant gift to others or yourself.

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Smarter Kit
Michael Gakanga (San Tan Valley, US)
Adds a lot of personality

I wanted to use them to create a nice mood in my bedroom, while also acting as a wall decoration. Couldn't have been more happy



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