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Control Square for Nanoleaf Canvas (No PSU)


Bought my first bulb now I’m hooked

Perfect as usual

Nothing much to say other than the usual, works really well, arrived in perfect condition and lights all connect properly

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Smarter Kit

These are beautiful!

I have 25 panels arranged such a way that it just creates a mirage of light. Extremely customizable. No wonder these are so popular!

Gorgeous Lights

The nanoleaf panels are gorgeous and fit seamlessly with my Google Home system. Bright enough for to light the room, dynamic enough for mood lighting, and they look great on camera!

Awesome support

I was given wrong order before but it was resolved quickly and sent to our address with correct product. Thank you

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Expansion Packs (3PK)

Better than expected

Nanoleaf are obviously gorgeous!
The little extra is the way they are fixed on the wall, easy to put and take off!

The More the Merrier!

Just glad I got more of these!


Got these for a birthday present last year and they are by far my favorite device that I own.

Fast shipping

Good packaging and fast shipping

So much fun

If you love light, colors or customizing your own decorations as much as I do, you’ll love anything from the Shapes line. You can keep getting more expansion packs as necessary to add to wall.

Love it.

Very good product. Works very well with Apple HomeKit and would definitely recommend.

Nanoleaf Canvas Expansion Pack

Nanoleaf Canvas the Best Led Panels, every Day I like them more.
Hope the Canvas Expansion Pack 4+1 will be available soon again.

Perfect replacement

After the control panel stopped working it was replaced. I did not have to pay anything for the replacement!

Brilliant product

This lamp is very easy to setup and use, the colours are good and bright. The lamp uses thread so the controlling the lamp on your phone or thought a voice assistant works very well and fast compared to other lamps I have used. Will definitely be getting more

Love Them!

Great price! Just needed 2 mini triangles to finish my pattern. I absolutely Love all Nanoleaf lights!

Just WOW

Bought two lightbulbs just to try them out and honestly they’re just amazing! Work everytime, super quick especially with thread products. Now with scenes you have so many options for colours and moods. I love them so much they actually make me excited to just chill in my room late at night. Might just have to buy more and try out some light panels! Excited to see new products and more capabilities

In Love

I Love it!!

I Love my Canvas. Thank you for a realy nice experience.

An ever-growing Canvas

Love Canvas lights! NOw my first design in one room is complete, it was time to expand into my home office. So it begins again!

Es sieht so gut aus!

Es sieht so gut aus!



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