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Special Offers & Points

About Special Offers and Points

Sales and Special Offers

Because we love you so much, we often run sales and promotions on the Nanoleaf Shop =) But, it's not possible to combine discounts and offers (a coupon for free shipping is considered an offer)... we have to pay for the parts and people that go into making these special products and getting them to your doorstep. Please also note that all promotional offers are while supplies last, and raincheques will not be offered. Discount codes may not be accepted during special promotions that feature heavy discounting, and the Nanoleaf Essentials series is excluded from promotions. Sorry!

Single Use Discount Codes

Sometimes you'll get a single use discount code for a purchase on the Nanoleaf Shop, usually because you've been super nice to us =) you lucky duck! But, same deal... it's not possible to combine this code with another promotion or offer on the Nanoleaf Shop that uses a discount code.

Earning Nanoleaf Perks Points for Retail Purchases

We're pleased to extend the Nanoleaf Perks program to purchases made from other retailers! Simply contact us at nanoleaf.me/hello and we'll be happy to arrange this as long as you still have your receipt or proof of purchase. 5 points are awarded for every €1 spent at other retailers.

Please note that points are only redeemable on the Nanoleaf Shop =)

Nanoleaf Perks Program—Using Points

Points are redeemed with a discount code that's generated especially for you when you activate a perk. Because it's a discount code, it can't be combined with any other discount code or offer. Additionally, € OFF discount codes are applied on the subtotal of an order, not taxes or shipping. Points are not awarded for taxes or shipping.

Restrictions on Program

Commercial sellers (including resellers and Amazon dropshippers) are not eligible to participate in the Nanoleaf Perks program. Orders placed without a valid email address may be cancelled at the sole discretion of Nanoleaf. Perks accounts held by commercial sellers may be cancelled by Nanoleaf without compensation provided for points, which have no cash value.

Maintaining active accounts in multiple regions is not permitted. In the event that a request is submitted to transfer points and close an account, Nanoleaf will not transfer points awarded for duplicate actions (completing surveys, reviews, for example). This program is a goodwill initiative, and Nanoleaf has no obligation to carry out special requests submitted by members or customers. Nanoleaf may close accounts at its sole discretion when abuse of the program is suspected, and will not provide compensation for points awarded... which again, have no cash value.




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